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Tbilisi and Mtskheta, the Capitals at the Crossroads of Centuries
It is impossible to visit Georgia and not fall in love with our main city, Tbilisi!

Tbilisi has a unique energy. You will find yourself immersed in its special lifestyle, diverse traditions, spirit of openness and friendship and its code of honour.

You will feel the pulse of modern Tbilisi with its narrow winding streets and noisy ‘Italian courtyards’, colorful and carved balconies hanging over the river Mtkvari (Kura), live music, art galleries, cozy cafes. You will get to know the people of Tbilisi and will feel energised by their joyful attitude, sense of humour and passion for life.

Where does this special Georgian joie de vivre come from? Georgian people know how to appreciate good things in life - the company of friends, the beauty of nature, good weather, food and, obviously, wine! The visitors pick up these positive vibes and say ‘goodbye’ to Tbilisi determined to come back.

Just a 30-minute drive away from the bustling Tbilisi on the banks of the same river - Mtkvari and surrounded by mountains, lies the old capital of Georgia - Mstkheta. Here you will find yourself surrounded by ancient monasteries and temples and feel as if the time had stopped. The beautiful monastery of Jvari (5th-6th centuries) is situated on the mountain top and overlooks the town. The monastery and the views that open from it, are one of the most spectacular in the country.

Kakheti –- The Cradle of Wine-Making
The region of Kakheti is regarded as the birthplace of Georgian wine. On this blessed land the centuries-old traditions of wine-making are still being preserved and cherished. Georgian wine-making methods are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They are recognized by UNESCO and were listed as World Heritage in 2013.

By working hard and being loyal to traditions, Kakhetians preserved the ancient methods of wine-making to this day. These techniques are believed to date back to 8th-9th millennium BC. We are excited to be able to share this unique wine culture and atmosphere with our guests.

You will have an opportunity to taste the authentic organic wines of Kakheti, while enjoying the Kakhetian polyphonic singing - a fascinating vocal folk tradition.

The Georgian-Kakhetian song ‘Chakrulo was included into the selection of the Earth’s music styles, when in 1976 NASA launched Voyager mission into the interstellar space.

The Proud Kazbegi –of the Caucasus Mountains…
The travellers who come to visit the region of Kazbegi are captivated by it. You will have an opportunity to see the Darial Gorge in the the Greater Caucasus Range. On the way to the Gorge you will stop at the fortress-monastery Ananuri (15th century). This amazing structure overlooks the azure reservoir of Zhinvali and is surrounded by evergreen mountains.

You will enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Caucasus, as you climb higher and higher on the mountain serpentine. You will pass by the famous ski resort of Gudauri, until finally reaching the regional centre, the town of Stepantsminda (1744 m above the sea level). From the town the glacier of Kazbegi can be seen, which attracts only the most daring and courageous mountain climbers.

There is no need to risk climbing all the way up the 5080-meter Kazbegi - you can enjoy the idyll of untouched nature by hiking in the Kazbegi National Park among the mountains, valleys and waterfalls!

We also offer a very special hiking trip to the top of the mountain Gergeti, where the active monastery of Holy Trinity (14th century) is situated. This area has a unique magical feel and energy to it - filled with divine mysticism and chants - and with its spectacular glaciers, alpine meadows and chiming air. There is a marvelous view of Stepantsminda and its surroundings, that opens up from the monastery. No words can describe this breathtaking beauty!

Borjomi – - the Golden Source of Mineral Waters
The beautiful Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park stretches over the valleys and gorges of the Lesser Caucasus. It spreads over 700 sq km and is the largest national park in Europe.

The town of Borjomi is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Georgia. The beauty of the place, good travel connections with Tbilisi and Kutaisi, a pleasant climate, and the famous mineral springs - make Borjomi a perfect resort destination.

Scientists and doctors talk about Borjomi’’s ‘climatic phenomenon’: the pure glacial springs of the mountains in Bakuriani and the groves of relict pine trees at the foot of the cliffs constitute a special ecosystem.

West Georgia –- Imereti, Megrelia (Mingrelia) and Svaneti
The regional centre of West Georgia is the city of Kutaisi, the country’s second largest city. The Kutaisi International Airport offers flights to many European cities.

There are many fascinating sites in West Georgia:

- the Cave of Prometheus with its stalactites and the Cave of Sataplia (near Kutaisi) in which the ancient imprint of dinosaur track had been found
- the magnificent Palace of Princes Dadiani in Zugdidi (Megrelia)
- emerald green canyons of Abasha (Megrelia)
- the unique Svan towers (Svaneti) - UNESCO World Heritage Site
- the active monastery of Katskhi which is built on the top of the narrow cliff (central Imereti)
- Gelati Academy, the Cathedral of Bagrat (both in Imereti, the latter is the UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Batumi - – All delights of Summer
Batumi is like a sparkling gem of summer! – Here you will find international jazz-festivals, famous DJs and even beaches with Wi-Fi….

If you get tired of the busy resort life, you can drive outside the city to relax in lovely seaside villages with cottages and hotels by the sea.

Just 30 minutes away by car from Batumi are the magnificent mountains. The waters of mountain rivers and streams are still carrying the golden dust (the legend of the Golden Fleece) and are full of mountain trout.